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In Moscow 

Hello, everyone. I am now in Moscow.

This morning I visited Klemlin, the most famous place for sightseeing. First I was really surprised that a great number of peole were waiting in line at the ticket bureau. Fortunately my travel agent booked in such a suitable way that I was able to enter Klemlin easily.

Klemlin has a long history, coming from 14th or 15th century. In 19th century, French armies led by Napoleon had distructed many parts of it. In 20th, it had been used as a place for military palades of Soviet Union troops. And now, it is loved by tourists visiting Moscow.

Walking around in Klemlin and the surrounding area, I felt Moscow had a more Russian and military tastes than St. Petersburg.

Many military officers could be seen there, Adding to that, the military ceremony is held by Russian army on Saturdays (Luckily I witnessed it).

And every church within Klemlin has round roofs, which is thought as a traditional style of Russian church. Such a church can hardly be seen in St. Petersburg. The only exception is The Church On Blood (Chi no Ue no Kyoukai).

Oh, I was run after the session time again! I may write about the rest of what I want to say tomorrow. Bye!

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