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In St. Petersburg 

Hello, everyone.

Now I am in St. Petersburg. I feel very sorry for using English because this PC is not available in Japanese typing.

(But READING Japanese is OK. Feel free to give COMMENTS.)

This beautiful city has a lot of of rivers and canals. Petersburg was built in 17th century by the order of Peter the first, often called Peter The Great. He might have thought this city should be the window to the Western Europe.

I have been to Hermitage Museum. Writing about it, my session time will be out (I am writing in a net cafe.). Look forward to another entry of this blog.

I have been feeling that my foreign-language skills, especially in speaking and hearing out in English, are very very poor. My Russian is much worse, which should be called TERRIBLE! Coming back to Japan, I will study them harder and in suitable way.

Japanese comments are welcome. I can see them in Japanese. I cannot only write Japanese in this country.

Oh, time is almost over. Bye!

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